Простыня Valais (A48)

Простыня Valais (A48) ID#831
19 400 Р

Категории: Простыни Christian Fischbacher Простыни

Теги: простыня Christian Fischbacher


Mountain rocks with their infinite colour gradients were the inspiration behind the design Valais. Stripes of natural grey and brown colours are generously painted in watercolour, going from lighter shades to dark anthracite. The colour transition is harmonious, like the rugged, yet graceful landscapes that inspired it. Made from Christian Fischbacher’s luxurious satin quality, the fine cotton satin shows off the print beautifully.

Бренд: Christian Fischbacher
Производитель: Швейцария
Вид товара: Простыни
Коллекция: Satin
Модель: Valais (A48)
Качество: 100% хлопок
Размеры: 170/270, 240/280