Простыня Mermaid (A36)

Простыня Mermaid (A36) ID#827
19 400 Р

Категории: Простыни Christian Fischbacher Простыни

Теги: простыня Christian Fischbacher


A joyous summer fantasy, Mermaid invites us to dream of a carefree summer vacation by the sea. The design was inspired by stories and wonders of the underworld: corals, seahorses, shells, and beautifully illustrated mermaids hand painted in watercolour are printed on our white satin. Fine details in the print are captured through the highest quality 12-screen printing from our long-time partners in Switzerland.

Бренд: Christian Fischbacher
Производитель: Швейцария
Вид товара: Простыни
Коллекция: Satin
Модель: Mermaid (A36)
Качество: 100% хлопок
Размеры: 170/270, 240/280