Одеяло пуховое демисезонное кассетное Lucerne

Одеяло пуховое демисезонное кассетное Lucerne ID#568

Категории: Одеяла Christian Fischbacher Одеяла

Теги: Christian Fischbacher Одеяло


The Lucerne down quilt provides equal distribution of warmth over the whole body and is suitable for all climates and for sleepers with average warmth requirements (warmth Index: 3 out of a scale from 1 to 4, with 1 being the lightest and 4 the warmest)

The filling of our Lucerne down quilt is made of new, class 1 pure white “oat goose” down raised in the Mazurian region of Poland. These birds live on straw and are fed oats for the last three to four weeks of their lives. In this manner we are able to get the best, large-flake quality down, which is processed under extremely stringent quality standards.

Made from 100% natural biodegradable materials, the breathable fabric in the ticking provides for optimal sleep comfort and makes for an airy fluffy and comfortable feeling. Construction: Paneled, 3cm battens.

Бренд: Christian Fischbacher
Производитель: Швейцария
Вид одеяла: Пуховое демисезонное одеяло
Размеры одеяла: 135/200, 135/220, 140/200, 140/220, 155/200, 155/220, 160/210, 160/240, 200/200, 200/210, 200/220, 230/220, 240/200, 240/210, 240/220, 240/240, 260/220, 260/240, 260/260
Ткань одеяла: 100% батист
Наполнитель одеяла: 100% чистый гусиный пух
Уход: Стирка при 40С, регулярное проветривание