Одеяло демисезонное Montreux

Одеяло демисезонное Montreux ID#581
86 000 Р

Категории: Одеяла Christian Fischbacher Одеяла

Теги: Christian Fischbacher Одеяло


Due to the high absorbency of the cashmere filling, this medium warmth duvet is ideal for sleepers who tend to perspire and for those with average warmth requirements (warmth Index: 3 out of a scale from 1 to 4, with 1 being the lightest and 4 the warmest).

High quality white cashmere hair from free-roaming animals living in the Himalayan region.

The Montreux duvet provides a luxurious sleeping experience that is dry due to the high moisture absorbency of cashmere. Thanks to high elasticity, this duvet is exceptionally soft and snuggly.

Бренд: Christian Fischbacher
Производитель: Швейцария
Вид одеяла: Демисезонное одеяло
Размеры одеяла: 135/200, 135/220, 140/200, 140/220, 155/200, 155/220, 160/210, 160/240, 200/200, 200/210, 200/220, 230/220, 240/200, 240/210, 240/220, 240/240, 260/220, 260/240, 260/260
Ткань одеяла: 100% лиочель
Наполнитель одеяла: 100% кашемир