Наволочка Sommerwonne (A33)

Наволочка Sommerwonne (A33) ID#724
5 800 Р

Категории: Наволочки Christian Fischbacher Наволочки

Теги: Christian Fischbacher Наволочки


Sommerwonne is best translated from German as “summer delight,” and the design is just that: a joyful celebration of delightful summer senses. The design consists of photorealistic flowers, that playfully alternate between focus and blur to create an impressive effect. Printed on white satin, the bright colours of the florals offer a striking contrast to the background and give the design its bold and happy appearance.

Бренд: Christian Fischbacher
Производитель: Швейцария
Вид товара: Наволочки
Коллекция: Satin
Модель: Sommerwonne (A33)
Качество: 100% хлопок
Размеры: 30/40, 35/40, 40/40, 40/60, 60/60, 65/65, 50/70, 50/75, 40/80, 80/80, 60/90, 70/90, 65/100